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Monday, July 9th, 2001
    Well looks like i lied. Or at least my plans didn't work out.
    I didn't get the second comic done for last week but i do have a couple of firsts for this weeks.




    Yeah i decided to do a long strip and added a little color to ahem KICK it up a notch so to say.

    But it is official now. I am a quarter of a century old. I'm an old fart.
    What am I doing for my birthday? I worked. I may go see a movie but nothing spectacular.

    Oh and if you wonder why my plans were not successful. It was cause i was living in near squallor.
    Well not really. But my room was to the point where i couldn't see the carpet so spent alot of my free time cleaning.
    I'm almost finished. I only have 3 loads of laundry left to do.
    I'm gonna try and get some before and after pics up. (Taken with my new digital camera that I got last weekend)

    Until then everyone have a good evening.

    Monday, July 2nd, 2001
      One more week until i'm a quarter of a century old. Lots has happened but nothing has happened.
      I guess this just goes with my rather laid back view of life.
      Well Hopefully this shall become a first for Wishy-Washy.

      I plan on having *GASP* TWO comics up this week.
      Of course since i didn't do one last week its nothing really big.
      Though next strip will hopefully be a little different.
      And I don't just mean like the slow evolving i've been doing heh. :)

    Thursday, June 21, 2001
      One more day till Ragnarock. Well technically it has been going all week, but i couldn't go because of work. I get to go home to the parents and pick up the tent and supplies tonight.

      Well anyways, Here's the new strip. I also looked into getting a domain name, just for the hell of it. Wouldn't you know it some jerks already bought wishy-washy.com, wishywashy.com and the nets.

      I have some other's that i'm gonna consider even my so called "company" name. (Name i use if some one asks for a businees. I just haven't actually started it yet. heh)

      Oh one last thing. MORE SHOCKWAVES! heh I've done 2 entries for the Four Toontellers' contest

      As always and comments/suggestions/money that you want to send are welcome

      I can be reached at dam@uakron.edu or in #4toontellers on the nightstar irc network.
      If I don't respond on irc, i may not be at the computer. I'm lazy, I don't log off generally. :)

    Thursday, June 14, 2001
      God, I feel awful. I meant to keep this updating each week but i had a very busy month. With me still getting used to my new job. And my trip to Anime Central. Unfortunately i didn't win the Otaku big date. Although I did get spanked. Long story. It was a blast and I got to meet Rummy-chan who draws Conscrew. Its a minor thing but i'm happy that last month I got around 1200 hits. :) I can stay humble listening to Megs talking about hitting 100K and Aiere hitting like 10K in her first month. The strips are either going to go drastically down or up in artistic quality depending on how you look at it. I recently bought a Wacom tablet so the strips will actually have me involved with drawing as W-W continues to evolve. Oh heh I've recieved my first search strings on the stat tracker for keen. 1. with 2 hits "troma ville" (which i have no idea how it got linked. 2. Also with 2 hits "hentai kuusou" 0_o Yeah i did a fanfic for Fans! and it was named Kuusou (daydreams) but i don't think it was hentai. heh Anyway T would probably kill me if i did a lemon fic with Rumi. Almost forgot promised my brother i'd link. The house I live in is a den of inequity that closely resembles a frat house without greek letters. It even has a home page found HERE There's only one pic of myself in there and you have to dig for it. Though i will give you a hint. It's in the poop pic section. Don't ask its wierd but there is no real poop involved. :)

    Friday, May 18, 2001

    Thursday, May 3, 2001
      Hopefully I will be able to do this. I donít know what I have planned for this other then use it as an outlet for myself. I guess my LiveJournal just wasnít able to satiate me. Well that and being one of the only people in #4TT on nightstar
      and not have a comic. More to come as I learn more about these silly tags and how to abuse them and learn to hate updating.

Oh, on the odd chance you want to give me input, criticism, or money.
I can be reached at dam@uakron.edu or in #4toontellers on the nightstar irc network.
If I don't respond on irc, i may not be at the computer. I'm lazy, I don't log off generally. :)

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